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[Edu] How to Monetize your songs as an upcoming artistes

How to monetize your songs as an upcoming artist

There Are various ways to make earnings from your craft as an upcoming artist.

Who is an upcoming artist?
An upcoming artist is a growing musical artist, a moving artist, a personality whose dream is to be an artist.

Their vision is to strive to be a big star, majorly they are either signed or unsigned..

Majority of the young talents which we grow today earn nothing for their craft.
However, as an upcoming artist, they are not meant to be gains and earnings from their craft because no one is appreciating you yet.

But with this article, you will be guided on how to make little or much in the cause of your career as an upcoming artist.

First of all;
1) As an upcoming artistes you have to be very creative;

To be an upcoming artist who will get little or more from their craft as singers you need to be very creative.
You need to generate different means and special attractive styles and formats to get your audience to be interested in your craft.

Without getting attractions from fans you are not an artist.
Your fans you generate are the ones whom will give to you the earnings, gain and all what you need to as an upcoming artiste or a risen artist.

2) As an upcoming artist, You have to be a workaholic;

To be a successful artist, with or without a management,you need to be working class.
You need to have a job, a trade,a craft.
As an upcoming artist you can’t venture into music and a say you are a singer so that is your career, since you are an upcoming artist and not an artist you need a job.

Benefits of having a job as an upcoming artist;

1) Your Physical Appearance:

The basic thing required as an upcoming artist or an artist is your appearance, you need to look very decent, clean and well polished to get your fans to like you. Without your fans loving you, they can’t love your song!

2) Profile / music Promotion;

Promotion is the most vital thing for you to get set for as an upcoming artist, wether or not your song is the best in your locality, if there is no Promotion, the single goes no where..

To sponsor your promotion without a label,you need money and more money. This can only be done if you have a label to sponsor or a job to keep you on

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